Hajj is a rejuvenating journey, a ritual which cleanses the heart of a believer from all sins. Its advantages and rewards are limitless. When a Pilgrim goes to Makkah to perform this lovely act of worship, he/she is a visitor at the residence of Allah SWT, Subhan’Allah!

Abu Hurayrah (might also Allah be pleased biaya haji plus with him) narrated that the Prophet (SAW) stated:

“Those who perform the Hajj and people who perform the Umrah are humans who have come to go to Allah. If they supplicate Him He will reply to them, and in the event that they ask Him for forgiveness He will forgive them.” (Tirmidhi 2536 and Ibn Majah)

There are a prescribed set of compulsory rituals that should be carried out so that it will accomplish Hajj. However at the same time as the primary Manasiks (rituals) of Hajj continue to be the same, there are a few variations on the way to perform those rites, which categorizes Hajj into 3 sorts:

· Hajj al-Ifrad

· Hajj al-Qiran

· Hajj al-Tamattu’

Hajj al-Ifrad:

Ifrad means “Isolation”. The pilgrim appearing Hajj al-Ifrad is known as Mufrid. In this form of Hajj, the Mufrid enters into the country of Ihram at Meeqat with the goal of appearing only Hajj. In other phrases, he/she does now not perform Umrah. Mufrid ought to say:

“Labbayk Allahumma labbayka bi Hajj” or “Labbayka Hajjan”

“O Allah! I solution Your name to carry out Hajj.”

The pilgrim stays in the state of Ihram till he has executed all of the rituals of Hajj, upto the Farewell Tawaf (Tawaf e Wida). It isn’t always obligatory for Mufrid to slaughter the hadi (sacrificial animal).

Hajj al-Qiran:

Qiran approach “conjoining”. In this type of Hajj, the Pilgrim (referred to as Qarin in this example) goes into the kingdom of Ihram, at Meeqat, with the aim of appearing both Umrah and Hajj. He/She plays Umrah (Tawaf and Sa’i) and continues Ihram till all of the rituals of Hajj are finished. In different phrases, a Qarin isn’t allowed to desert the kingdom of Ihram after carrying out Umrah. The pilgrim must say:

“Labbayk Allahumma labbayka bi Hajjin wa Umrah”

“O Allah! I solution Your call to perform Hajj and Umrah”

It is compulsory for Qarin to provide the sacrifice of animal in the name of Allah SWT.

Hajj al-Tamattu’:

Tamattu’ approach “to inn to ease and luxury”. It is the perfect and the most abundantly completed kind of Hajj. The Pilgrims perform each Hajj and Umrah but with separate Ihram every, which means that there may be a relaxation of Ihram between Hajj and Umrah. The pilgrim performing Hajj al-Tamattu is called Mutamatti’.

In this sort of Hajj, the pilgrim or Mutamatti’ first is going into the kingdom of Ihram at Meeqat with the goal of performing simplest Umrah. He/She need to say:

“Labbayk Allahumma labbayka bi Umrah” or “Labbayka ‘Umratan”

“O Allah! I answer Your call to carry out Umrah.”

The Mutamatti’ plays the Tawaf, prays two Rak’ahs at Maqaam e Ibrahim, beverages Zamzam, incorporates out Sa’i after which receives the hair cut or shaved. This ends his/her Umrah and the Mutamatti comes out of the state of Ihram. Now he can keep sporting his ordinary garments and the regulations of Ihram does no longer observe.

Then at the day of Tarwiyah, that is the eighth of Dhu al-Hijjah, the pilgrim again enters into the country of Ihram, this time with the purpose of Hajj, announcing:

“Labbayk Allahumma labbayka bi Hajj” or “Labbayka Hajjan”

“O Allah! I solution Your call to carry out Hajj.”

The pilgrim then plays all of the rituals of Hajj and then comes out of the nation of Ihram. Slaughtering of hadi is obligatory in Hajj al-Tamattu’. Allah SWT says in the Quran:

“If any individual needs to retain the Umrah on to the Hajj, he should make an imparting including he can manage to pay for, however if he cannot have enough money it, he have to fast three days during the Hajj and seven days on his return, making ten days in all. This is for those whose family isn’t in (the precincts of) the Sacred Mosque, and worry Allah, and realize that Allah, is strict in punishment.” [2:196]

For individuals who set out for Hajj manner earlier than the Day of Tarwiyah (eight Dhu al-Hijjah), Tamattu’ is the most realistic form of Hajj to perform; at the same time as for folks who arrive at Makkah near the Day of Tarwiyah, both Qiran and Ifrad may be easily consummated. It must be clean, however, that all the 3 above referred to approaches to perform Hajj are perfectly suitable in Islam; it is simply a rely of preference, comfort and preference.

Which one is the high-quality way to carry out Hajj? There is a distinction of opinion amongst scholars on it. According to a few, Tamattu’ and Qiran are higher and must be favored since each of those are more stressful and require more effort from the pilgrim. While a few students are of the view that Ifrad is the fine shape of Hajj since it allows the pilgrim to carry out Hajj rituals with full involvement, awareness and awareness. However it need to be remembered that it’s not the kind of Hajj which have to remember, the reward and recognition of Hajj lies in the aim, zest and devotion with which Hajj rituals are accomplished.

As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Verily, all actions are however pushed through intention and for anyone is what he meant.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Rest, Allah SWT is aware of the great!

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