Ultimate Mats Waterhog Mats are the Perfect for Any Environment

Whether you need a commercial door mat or a floor mat for your home, Water Hogs can help! They’re durable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean.

They come in various sizes and surface designs to match any floor type. They also feature a green-friendly rubber backing made with 20% recycled materials.


Ultimate Mats Waterhog Mats are the Perfect Durable Entry Flooring for Your Business

If you want to make a statement at your entrance, you’ll need a doormat that looks great and is durable. The best commercial mats are made from quality materials that stand up to wear and tear, including polypropylene, thermostatic polymers, or PET polyester fibers and 100 percent SBR rubber backing.

These high-quality materials are not only durable but also stain and fade-resistant. They’re ideal for businesses that need a durable door mat that can withstand heavy foot traffic and keep their floors clean.

The patented nubs on the surface of Waterhog Mats scrape dirt and debris from shoe soles, while channels between the nubs trap moisture to prevent it from spreading onto your floor. This helps to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents and limits liability for your business.

You can find Waterhog Mats in a variety of different designs and colors. Some are patterned to coordinate with specific areas in your business, while others feature unique graphics that set the tone for your establishment. You can even choose a mat featuring your company’s logo or color scheme to make it stand out.

Another feature of Ultimate Mats Waterhog Mats is that they’re straightforward to maintain. They can be vacuumed, swept, or washed with a hose without damaging them. This makes them ideal for any commercial environment, especially those with hard floors such as concrete or tile.

Some Waterhog mats are designed to provide anti-fatigue comfort, which can help reduce back and knee pain. This is especially useful for valets and door attendants who stand for long periods of time near your building’s entrance.

In addition, some Waterhog mats are available with cleated rubber backing that minimizes movement on carpeted surfaces, which can help prevent falls. This type of doormat is particularly effective at preventing slipping and falling for older people with mobility issues.

The best Waterhog mats for outdoor use are the Fashion Drainage mats, which have a textured surface that helps to disperse water and keeps your walking surfaces drier. Alternatively, the Waterhog ECO Premier or Grand Premier mats are also excellent options for outdoor use thanks to their multi-directional scraping action, dense face weight to remove extra water and snow, and recycled content.

Water Resistant

Why Waterhog Mats are the Perfect Choice

Traditional floor mats can puddle up water and collect dirt on top of them, but Waterhog Mats use unique water-absorbing technology to soak up moisture and keep floors dry. These Ultimate Mats are made with solution-dyed fibers that dissipate water quickly and are backed by durable rubber that won’t crack or curl.

They come in various designs and two thicknesses that help accommodate virtually all recesses, making them ideal for removing dirt and debris from your floors while enhancing indoor air quality. They’re also available in several colors and patterns to match any decor.

You’ll be surprised how effectively they scrape mud and dirt from shoes, which helps ensure your floors stay clean and safe. They also prevent slips and falls on wet, slippery floors.

All Waterhog Mats feature a molded dam around the edges of the mat to help trap dirt and water on top of the surface. This is especially useful for restaurant applications and helps prevent kitchen grease from getting tracked into dining rooms and office areas.

Depending on your specific needs, Waterhog Mats are available in Classic, Eco, Fashion, and Premier styles. Choose the mat that works best for your space, considering your level of foot traffic and what you’d like to accomplish with the mat.

The standard Waterhog Classic entrance mat is the industry’s most popular and well-regarded. The ‘waffle’ or raised square pattern effectively scrapes shoes clean of dirt, debris, and water and features an exclusive molded water dam border that holds up to 1.5 gallons per square yard of water – on the mat!

These entry mats are made with 20% recycled content and are green-friendly. They also feature a fashion border to give them an attractive look to enhance your interior décor.

In addition to entrance floor mats, Waterhog Mats have a line of walk-off and transition mats for restaurant applications. These mats are great for helping prevent kitchen grease from being tracked into customer dining areas, and they are also ideal for transitioning between industrial and restaurant areas.

Stain Resistant

Waterhog Mats have become America’s favorite door mat as they quickly and efficiently scrape shoes clean of dirt, debris, and moisture. They’re also highly resistant to staining and are available in various styles, colors, and edging options.

They’re a must-have for any business wanting to protect its floors from stains and keep them fresh. They’re great for restaurants, retail stores, offices, schools, etc.

Their durable construction ensures that they will stay in place no matter how much traffic the area gets. They’re easy to maintain, too; shake them off or vacuum them regularly to remove grit and grime.

For more intense cleaning, you can hose off or use steam or shampoo extraction to get heavy soil and debris out. However, it would help if you always hung up the mat when finished to dry it before placing it back in service.

The best water-resistant mats are made from a polypropylene surface that quickly dries and will not rot, mildew, or fade in sunlight. They’re also anti-static, meaning they won’t create a fire hazard.

They’re also backed with durable rubber that resists cracking and curling in harsh weather conditions. You can choose from a cleated backing for carpeted floors or a smooth backing for hard surfaces like tile, concrete, and wood.

These mats also come in various designs, such as trees and flowers, to add color and style to your entryway. They’re ideal for keeping the snow and ice out of your walkways, and they’ll be a welcome sight for guests who arrive in the winter.

Another type of water-resistant mat is a boot tray, designed to store your boots while protecting your floors from the elements. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly.

These durable, stain-resistant mats feature a unique bi-level design that traps dirt and moisture below the surface. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and colors and with a classic border and Anchor Safe backing for maximum movement control in high-traffic areas.

Easy to Clean

Waterhog Mats are the perfect solution to protect your floors from dirt and moisture. They are also highly durable and can be customized to fit your needs. They are easy to clean and reduce maintenance costs by preventing mud, dirt, and debris from tracking throughout your building.

The ease of cleaning these mats is one of the reasons why they are so popular. These mats are made from high-quality rubber and feature a rubber backing that keeps them securely in place so they don’t slide underneath your feet. This is important for keeping your employees safe and reducing the chances of accidents.

They are also highly durable and can be used on any floor. You can even use them on carpeting and rugs, though they will need to be cleaned more often to keep them looking their best.

Another great thing about these mats is that they are environmentally friendly and are made from recycled materials. This makes them a good choice for any business or home that wants to do its part for the environment.

You can easily clean these mats using a vacuum cleaner. It is best to shake them out and vacuum them once or twice a day, especially in areas with heavy traffic.

Vacuuming your Waterhog Mats will remove the dirt, grit, and dust that builds up on them over time. This will help to extend their life and make them look and feel better.

If you notice that your mats are getting dirty, steam cleaning is an excellent way to remove stains and other contaminants. This will not only remove the stain but also help keep it from recurring.

Alternatively, you can use a commercial stain remover. However, it would help if you were careful not to overuse the product and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

These mats are also durable and are designed to hold up well against heavy foot traffic. They are a good choice for businesses that need a long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring solution.

They are the ideal solution for many buildings and spaces, both indoors and outdoors. They are versatile and can be used in various settings, including offices, hotels, retail stores, apartments, and restaurants. They are also effective in weather conditions, including rain, sleet, hail, and snow.


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