Gym marketing in the Internet Age is unlike traditional marketing from even 10 years ago. For one thing, the penetration and presence of the Internet is extremely thorough. Today, almost nobody would think of not asking for an email or website address for just about any business. So, the wise gym owner will always keep in mind the need to use the power of the Internet to his or her full advantage.

Marketing a gym is much like marketing successful personal trainer any other business. But a gym – because of the nature of the fitness game – might require marketing of the owner and his or her staff, too. This is because fitness can be a deeply personal thing to many people. They’re not attracted to a faceless corporate image, for the most part. This is evident even at the largest national fitness chains, who all strive to emphasize their personal, one-on-one, nature.

So take the time to set up a quality website. Make sure it presents a professional image that also pushes the personal level of attention somebody will get at the gym. Poor spelling and grammar on the site will make people think the people running the business don’t know what they’re doing, even if they’re actually top professionals.

Another way to market the gym is to write and submit fitness or training articles to the largest or top-rated Internet article directories. If you’re not a good writer, or don’t have the time, commission a writer to do this for you. There are several different freelance sites where you can go to have something like this done. And the prices quoted will be extremely reasonable. The aim will be to increase interest in the gym and also visitors to the gym’s website.

Also look into the possibility of advertising on the Internet. People are continually surprised at how inexpensive ads can be in comparison to what they might cost in a newspaper or magazine. Another method for increasing interest is in the use of a press release. These can also be commissioned and then submitted to one of several press release and distribution services on the Internet. Again, the prices will be very reasonable.

Retain the services of an Internet marketing person if needed. He or she can look over the website and straighten out any issues, for starters. Then, article writing and submission can be addressed, along with obtaining advertising. Lastly, the press release can be written and then submitted. After that, he or she can help the gym work on moving the website up through the search engine page rankings.

High page rank should be the goal of any gym owner marketing the business. Drawing visitors to the site can help increase actual physical visits to the gym, which helps increase profits. This should all be part of a concerted program with one goal in mind: Getting people into the gym. And never forget actual listings in a phone directory and the power of word of mouth. Also, consider having professional looking business cards and flyers made up and distributed.


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