Online business are often plagued with this internet marketing question: Should I hire a PPC agency or do the work in-house? Most of the time, the question is not only based on cost alone. Many people feel that managing their own Pay-Per-Click campaigns is more cost effective, but the truth is, it is not as simple as that!

In-House vs. PPC Agency: For your consideration…

A lesson in specialization: Because PPC Agencies PPC advertising agency specialize in the current trends, techniques and methodologies of search engine marketing, their agents are more able to deliver work that reflects their expertise. A do-it-yourself technique may be adequate for a small amount of time, but professional PPC agents will do better work in less time.

It’s a question of perspective… Now this one can be tricky. While in-house employees will have a deeper understanding of company philosophy, products and services, a PPC agency can provide a fresh look, as they are uninhibited and uninfluenced by company procedures and past work.

What’s this gonna cost me? Now to consider cost: With in-house work, you will need to pay salary or wage, benefits, 401K, etc. With a PPC agency, you may pay more for the actual work, but will receive quick, successful results. This can be looked at in a short-term / long-term basis. For the short-term, a PPC agency can handle the work without creating steep costs. If you can handle the increased costs, in-house PPC reps would be better in the long-run.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some things to consider before hiring (or not hiring) a PPC agency. As with most internet marketing techniques, a DIY strategy may work for small businesses, but professional services are the way to go for growing businesses with much at stake.


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