If you’re in search of the most secure key cabinet, it can house keys between 100 and 1300. Some of them have the option of a partition wall that can swing into and out of the cabinet for easy access for your key. This is the best solution for a medium to large-sized business that requires a dependable facilities management system to manage their keys.

The extremely secure nature of this device implies that it’s not inexpensive However, if cost isn’t a major concern, the added security can make you feel more secure cabinet lock manufacturers.

Selection of locking mechanisms

Key operated by manual:

A typical mechanical locking mechanism that comes with 2 keys (the lock is operated using the handle and is engaged by 9 dead bolts when closing).

Combination locking mechanism:

This kind of locking mechanism utilizes one combination dial that is rotary This is an unlocked lock that is keyless, meaning there are no replacement keys or keys are provided.

Electronic keypad locking mechanism for digital keys:

The keypad’s electronic circuit has a capacity of 10,000,000 possible key codes, which makes it the most secure lock available with this model (also accessible with a handle , making it easy opening).


High Security Door:

The door in this unit is made of top quality galvanised steel. It measures 20 millimetres thick . It is fitted with 9 bolts on the door to increase its security. cabinet key.

Body of the Cabinet:

Its structure cabinet has been rigorously tested using EN-1, which means that the key cabinet has been heat dropped, exploded and examined to ensure it’s safe enough that your keys are secure in even the most difficult situations.

Accessories Supplied:

The cabinet is equipped with a set number of hooks, based on the model size you choose and comes equipped with keys tags. If the device you purchase is electronic or keypad controlled, two keys are provided and in conjunction using the electronic keypad locking mechanism , the keys can be used to act as in an override emergency.


The cabinets are fully wall-mountable, and are supplied with fixings that are compatible with most walls.

Overall, this is a well constructed and designed key cabinet, which is perfect for businesses that need to ensure that the keys are safe. When you consider the cost, which is high in comparison to other key cabinets that may cost as little as PS35.00 This cabinet is one of the best available on the market.


The STS Premium High Security Key Cabinet