This motivational speech was delivered at Delta College, Bay City, Michigan, and on Wednesday, January 20, 2010. We feel that the information contained in this speech would be beneficial to families around the world. Enjoy reading the inspiring information. The audience consisted of university students and professors. The speech was modified for the website. It is a great honor to celebrate with you a great Martin Luther King (MLK) leader who is now with many of our great ancestors. Martin Luther King lived and died for the freedom of all mankind. His heart was linked to the injustices that he observed in our nation. He found his niche and died for equality and justice for all mankind. We have focused in recent years on his famous speech “I have a dream”. However, before King became famous, he delivered a speech on February 28, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan, titled “Rediscovering Lost Values.” In Kings’ speech, he spoke of our great scientific achievements through scientific genius.
He states and I quote: “The scientific genius of man has been amazing. I think we have to look much deeper than that if we want to find the real cause of man’s problems and the real cause of the evils of the world today. If we really want to to find it, I think we will have to search the hearts and souls of men. ”

King spoke of those words fifty-five (56) years ago. It’s like he’s talking to us today. It is very zdrowie important for us to rediscover our lost moral values. There are twelve steps to rediscovering lost values ​​through partnerships that will allow us to impact our families and our world. I really think we can by using associations.
An association is the relationship between two or more people or organizations that participate in the same activity. There are twelve acrostic letters for the word p.a.r.t.n.e.r.s.h.i.p.s.

Step 1 is personal: We have a personal responsibility to contribute to the success of families, neighbors, friends, society, government, nations, businesses, and the world. We must personally model moral values ​​into the foundation of our own lives so that they can be transferred to our families and our world.
Step 2 is Adjust: We must adapt to a changing world so that our families and businesses survive and we can prosper and use our prosperity and resources to respond to the needs related to our families and in our communities; Issues such as lack of spirituality, substance abuse, anger, education, unemployment, literacy, health care, poverty, crime, plague, housing, recreation, and lack of unity.
Step 3 is the relationship: we must build a relationship between us to move in the same direction to address the aforementioned needs. We must bring our individual skills and talents to the table. We have a moral obligation to share our unconditional love with others.
Again I quote King from his speech, “Rediscovering Lost Values”: “But the real danger facing civilization today is that atomic bomb that lies in the hearts and souls of men, capable of exploding in the vilest hatred and the most damaging selfishness – that is the atomic bomb we have to fear today. ”

Personally, I believe that we can put out the atomic bomb that lies in the hearts of the people. Strong and healthy relationships project moral values ​​to society.
Step 4 is Transform: Therefore, we must transform our thinking by thinking outside the box to generate new ideas and solutions. The world has changed and for our families, businesses and organizations to survive, we need stable communities and a skilled workforce that meets the needs of society. Thinking outside the box gives us a new perspective on how to bring stability to communities.
Step 5 is neglect: We must not neglect communities that are in decline, but must grow beyond our own selfish domain so that others can be blessed with the fruits of our labor.
Step 6 is Effort: It will take a lot of effort to tear down the walls of our own selfish domain, but I believe that through partnerships we can transform our communities and people’s hearts. I believe that by eliminating selfishness from our lives, through associations, we will rediscover lost values.
Step 7 is responsibility: We have a responsibility and a moral obligation to train and guide our youth to wear the mantle of moral values. This should empower them to gain the skills they need to build a strong family foundation. We want them to value education and entrepreneurship from generation to generation. This is the real reason why we must dedicate our hearts to our families.
Step 8 is Servant: We should consider appreciating the need to be a Servant to each other. We must value the importance of volunteering our time to help others, which will improve society through the relationships we build. Yes, service – if we all applied this to all of our relationships, the world would be different.
Step 9 is honesty – honesty should be an important part of partnerships. We should never build relationships f

Rediscovering lost values ​​through partnerships