With the current economic challenges and strained financial access that have besieged private organizations due to market uncertainty, unstable foreign exchange policy, government’s flip-flop financial policies, higher taxation, unstable foreign exchange rate, corruption and so on, it has become difficult for corporate organizations to dish out money for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project in a community which does not give anything back in return. For this reason, CSR is projected as gradually becoming obsolete and transforming into the Corporate Social Welfare Program (CSWP) where both parties, i.e., the public and the corporate organization gain while the scope of social service is entrenched.

Essential services are a necessity to our daily Sport living; it is imperative for service providers to look beyond their field and think beyond their box in solving common social problems while increasing profit. As far as basic public needs are concerned, essential services through private sectors have been extremely successful and have helped to solve monumental social problems.

This has helped the economy to grow and encouraged entrepreneurs and investors to tap into our huge market potentials. The private sector is versatile and expected to be more productive with the aid of technology. The public sector growth in Nigeria is a mirage because of corrupt individuals that have no sense of direction and ability to change the society positively. A nation deserves the kind of leadership the citizens promote; the Nigerian society encourages and celebrates corrupt leaders who have no sense of guilt or shame.

The Banking, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Hospitality industries have been driving the Nigerian economy and have generated employment more than other sectors. Nigeria’s economy has not experienced major breakthroughs that can put the country on the development path. The demand for an enabling commercial environment in Nigeria was as a result of the desire of the people and their hunger for socio-economic growth that will project the country as one of the growing economies in the world. As the economy grows, locusts and canker worms also grow with it, making it difficult to achieve societal growth and development. The Nigerian commonwealth is being devoured by the politicians, which makes it difficult to reckon with the purported growth recorded since it cannot be sustained due to corruption.

It is a fact that the Government’s primary responsibility is to protect life and property, the rights and freedom of its citizen, to provide basic essential services for the people, provision of security, conducive environment for business to grow, provision of basic health care facilities, provision of social amenities and infrastructure, qualitative education for all citizens and to protect the nation from external aggression.

Governments at the state and federal levels are insensitive to the plight of the people; the hardship in the country is becoming unbearable. Nigeria is experiencing depression both social, security and economic wise; which recently made companies laid off their staffs and mill down spending, including on CSR programs. Creating a secure and conducive environment for all and sundry is now beyond the government’s capacity because they are unable to provide basic services for the people, help businesses to thrive, reduce unemployment, repair bad roads, eradicate epileptic power supply and so on. The government at the state level embarks on bogus projects that have no economic benefit to their states and the country at large, in fact, the country is nearly at the brink of collapse.

Presently, we have a number of corporate organizations that are directly or indirectly rendering welfare services; in a few more years, more social welfare services will be rendered by private organizations which will increase their capital base, boost their sales and make the society a better place. Sponsoring dancing competitions or reality TV shows on national television are not CSR; they are known as branding and corporate publicity. CSR is practiced in accordance with the law; it is stipulated that a company must be responsible towards the development of the host community as far as it makes a profit.

Corporate Social Welfare Service transcends a community or a group of people but has the potential to benefit great numbers of people that are in serious need of social aid in order to improve their standard of living, through which they pay for the service charge. We shall be revealing various personalized welfare services that will become phenomenal and keep businesses growing on equilibrium bases. This type of service is discreet and will bring succor to people’s yearning whereby the provider attracts more customers while attempting to solve problems. This idea is also attached to policy making and influencing the political class, either by persuasion or by conspiracy, in order to ensure it becomes a Public Policy.


Low-Poor Welfare and The Developing Countries