Letter to Maya Angelou – Review

Just do it.

Have you ever told someone you would do some thing for them and then at the ultimate minute, now not do it? What approximately being on the receiving give up of that equation? Have you ever counted on absolutely everyone to do what they stated they might do, and they didn’t?

Well, that passed off to me these days. I Maya Angelou Quarter requested someone to do some thing over a month ago. They agreed. Today, with the due date looming, they are too busy…

Are my expectations unrealistic?

I’ve been in commercial enterprise lengthy enough to understand that initiatives very hardly ever are brought at the date they’re promised. I’ve visible business plans with economic advantage estimates that have been so inflated you could toss a whole planet thru it. I’ve referred to as customer support departments and been caught inside the automated message vortex. But, untarnished, I still unwaveringly assume human beings to do what they are saying they are going to do.

Separate your self…

Consider the following earlier than you ‘take returned’ your commitment:

• Do you want absolutely everyone, even supposing it’s far one person, to consider you as a person who over guarantees and under supplies?
• What will those you offend say approximately you? Will there be a bad word of mouth impact you failed to suspect?
• Could there be a brief term or long term financial effect to your movements? If you are a repeat wrongdoer, is the effect cumulative?
• When an possibility creates itself, will that man or woman choose or endorse you?
• Who desires terrible karma?

Just do what you are saying you’re going to do.

As I started out my scramble in advance nowadays, I wasn’t angry. I knew that I could find a manner to recover. However, I turned into sad. I keep to assume more from people. I was reminded of some thing Maya Angelou stated “I’ve learned that human beings will forget about what you stated, humans will overlook what you probably did, but human beings will by no means forget about how you made them experience.”

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