Many people will go to great lengths to get their hands on the latest and greatest gadgets out there, including the iPhone, which was considered the greatest smartphone ever before its release. One cannot help but wonder if the iPhone 11 will meet expectations and deliver the same wow factor that the iPhone has been known for. None of this however means that the iPhone 11 is simply a good phone or indeed that it’s got all the latest specs and features that you could get.

It s great that it sells so well, but at what iphone 11cost? The iPhone 11 comes with two different wireless charging options. In a nod to needs that are developing rapidly for modern devices, Apple has added fast wireless charging to its lineup. With the ability to charge the phone using one’s own wireless network rather than using the car’s, the iPhone 11 can be used on planes, buses, automobiles and even while one is travelling in a bus or train.

This isn’t the only improvement however. Along with wireless charging, Apple has also upped the ante with its new home button feature. While not a groundbreaking development in and of itself, the home button allows users to log into their iPhones with just a simple touch of their face id symbol. This has made it extremely easy to switch between applications and perform multiple functions without having to unlock the phone, a feature that Apple calls biometrics.

The display on the iPhone 11 is also an improvement over the iPhone 10, in my opinion. While the screen on the 10 was slightly smaller than average, the iPhone 11 features a bigger display at almost exactly the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. In my opinion this is simply an extension of Apple’s penchant for bigger iPhones. As with any phone, the iPhone 11 boasts high levels of user friendliness. In addition to the larger display, the phone boasts a water resistant body, wide screen toggles, a physical home button and a touch sensitive fingerprint sensor.

These design changes are especially welcome given the iPhone’s propensity for dropping and breaking. However, the biggest technological advancements in the iPhone 11 come in the form of its hardware and camera features. For example, unlike previous smartphones, the iPhone 11 features both a front and rear cameras. Apple claims that the front camera is 10 megapixels while the rear camera is ten megapixels. The iPhone 11 also features a wide color capture lens and image stabilization.

The iPhone 11 also sports a brand new feature not seen on any other Apple smartphone: the portrait mode. In portrait mode, the iPhone 11 allows users to take a still photograph and have the camera capture a still photo while their face is still motionless. This is done by having the device detect the difference between the orientation of the face and the position of the camera lens, and having the camera shift from one point to the next while still holding down the portrait mode button. Although the portrait mode is only available in select languages and in some cases, in low resolution modes, it is still a welcome improvement over the iPhone’s default still-photo mode, which was already limited to lower quality.

iPhone 11 – Changes in Design