Let’s start with a brief definition of insurance drip campaigns. The drip marketing method is an effective marketing strategy employed to engage potential customers and maintain clients by using continuous, dynamic content created emails marketing programs. The campaigns are targeted and conditional content that is based on current and evolving preferences. The content is distributed to customers and prospects for varying times to keep leads engaged and increase retention Church Insurance Agency.

A workflow for email is set of automated emails that will be sent (or or not delivered) in accordance with the subscribers you want to reach, in order to make it easier for them to engage with the agency. The email workflows are initiated using information you already have or gather about your customers (using branches for Yes or No, If Then). The workflows enable agencies to send precisely-timed emails at set dates, to specific customers or prospects. Effectively designed email workflows can aid insurance companies in improving the conversion rate of their customers, as well as retention of customers. Let’s talk about one of the various kinds of workflows that insurance companies could use. We’ll be back with additional blog posts on different types of workflows within the ongoing blog series.

Workflow for the Insurance Webinar

Let’s suppose that your insurance company is planning an event on a subject like: ACA Compliance in an Uncertain Age, or the Latest Changes to CSA Regulations & the Impact on truckers. Email workflows enable agents to share the information that your attendees require to know, and when they should be aware of the information. The workflow for your agency webinar can be initiated at any time an event date is scheduled and it is suggested you have a landing page for webinar registration that is prepared prior to the time.

After the webinar has been triggered, the email workflow begins sending out automatic emails, which provide pertinent and current information about the webinar up to the event, and then after the webinar has ended. The information could include times and dates as well as, if the event will be recorded, the best place to obtain the presentation slides, or any accompanying materials, as well as the information needed to register to earn credits from HRCI SHRM, HRCI, etc. It’s helpful to start with a few weeks prior to the webinarand remind those who aren’t registered and to keep those who have already registered.

Branching the workflow of email for insurance companies permits for a highly personalization and very specific content fulfillment. For example, if the participant responds to the webinar that they would like to be sent the slides or webinar, an Call To Action (CTA) could be designed to direct the user to a download page. Also, for those who prefer to share the recorded webinar later on, the date, an email could be generated automatically, on within the day following the webinar, containing the link to the recording or an CTA to make an appointment for discussion of the coverage for your organization.

It is obvious that every agency should utilize basic email campaigns. But for many agencies the time is now to invest in the insurance agency’s email workflow drip marketing. Agencies that lack the staff or resources to implement this could consider outsourcing the project to a reputable insurer marketing firm.


Insurance Agency Drip Campaigns & Email Workflow