May I tell you a tale? It starts offevolved with a question. Do you take into account the times of the Sixties and early Nineteen Seventies or have you ever heard approximately them? Those have been the times of the Cuba Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The instances of ‘The Beatles’ inquiring for ‘Love, Love, Love’, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, the ‘Rolling Stones’ and Cat Stevens on his ‘Peace Train’, the times of Hare Krishna, Make Love-Not War, the instances of Woodstock, Hippies and Flower Power, the instances of Ravi Shankar with his Sitar, Yoga, Yogis and India. Does any of this strike a chord with you? Well, that become also the time when I had my first come upon with Incense sticks. It turned into genuinely ‘en trend’ to burn incense sticks specifically on events and to drift away on swath of incense smoke into the area of goals of a better world. Yes, within the Sixties we were equipped to create a international without injustices and wars, in short, to make the arena a higher vicinity, or so we concept, “Peace, brother.”

Back then when I have had my first ‘Incense Party’ reports I did, amongst others, no longer know two matters, namely that the dream of a better world could, regrettably, not grow to be fact and that the soothing perfume of incense sticks would one day turn out to be an normal truth of my life.

What was returned in the 1960s the exclusive top of my lifestyles as an adolescent in Germany, who with Ravi Shankar gambling within the historical past burned incense for no motives aside from to enjoy the sensory pride and the unique ecosystem coming at the side of it, did later turn out to be an indispensable a part of my ordinary existence. Without Ravi Shankar, even though. That turned into 25 years in the past when after some years in South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand – all nations in which incense sticks play an important function in the humans’s lives – I did, in the end, positioned down roots in Burma.


When searching at it closely my article have to virtually be titled ‘Burma, Buddhism And Incense’, now not ‘Incense Sticks’ for the sticks are most effective supporting the layer of fragrant factors that is connected to it and burned via way of combustible incense a system this is also known as direct burning. Aromatic elements or fragrant biotic substances used for incense are generally all sorts of woods, roots, resins, flowers, seeds, fruits, herbs and leaves that launch a nice perfume while burned. Depending at the intended use a number of the on the whole used substances are sandalwood, agar timber, pine, Cyprus, cedar, star anise, vanilla, cardamom, frankincense, benzoin, myrrh, mastic, Dragon’s blood, galangal, sage, tea, rose, lavender, clove and saffron.

The incense stick is simply considered one of several possible types of combustible incense. The other forms are cones, coils, ropes and paper. But the sticks are the through individuals global most widely used form of incense. Also, they were the primary shape of incense I have skilled and it’s far consequently especially the incense sticks that take me back to the fact on those times in the Nineteen Sixties and the fine emotions the incense sticks have induced then and do nonetheless cause nowadays while they are slowly burning away which have induced my wish to jot down this article.

Incense sticks are frequently red, occasional yellow or dark grey to black and to be had in paperwork, which can be the cored stick and the solid stick. The cored stick this is in particular produced in China and India where they’re referred to as Agarbatti (derived from the Sanskrit word Agaravarthi, gara = odour, agar = aroma, varthi = wound) accommodates incense fabric and the assisting middle of a stick by and large made from bamboo while the stable stick this is mainly produced in Tibet and Japan is made completely of incense material. However, for the reason that stable stick has no reinforcing center it’s far breaking without difficulty. One unique form of strong incense stick is the ‘Dragon Stick’. These sticks are regularly very massive and are burned in open area most effective for they produce the sort of big amount of smoke that if the incense might take location internal closed area people within the room might be fast suffocated.

The predominant functions incense is used for are to worship divine beings and ask for favours of them, to facilitate meditation, to assist recuperation strategies, to  (both spiritual and physical) and disinfect, to repel insects or to simply experience the sensory pride of the fragrance. But regardless of the reason incense is used for, soliciting for divine favours or facilitate meditation or to help recuperation approaches or cleansing and disinfecting or repel bugs or to just experience sensory pleasure all of it occurs out of the identical purpose, that’s to make the world a higher region to be and improve life either on a small or smaller scale for a restricted quantity of individuals or on a huge scale for mankind in its entirety.

So a ways I even have written plenty about my non-public experience with incense and what incense is growing and used for and now not a lot approximately incense itself. But I assume this is in to this point excusable as incense does no longer exist for the motive of incense itself – which means it’s miles no end in itself- however for its high quality effects, that is to contribute substantially to the humans moving into the nation of being wholesome, cozy and glad. And it is these nice matters which have caused the getting into being of incense and furthermore now not simplest that it still exists but that it become in addition evolved from its earliest bureaucracy into the science of aromatherapy.

The records of incense starts exactly in the mean time whilst the primary man-made spark jumped and lit a hearth. The call incense itself lets in drawing this end due to the fact it’s miles derived from the Latin word incendere which means ‘to burn’. However, while it is sure that incense already exists as long as man-made hearth it’s miles absolutely unsure in which it has originated from. But I believe that it’s far secure to expect that it turned into now not one precise area from which it originated however that it become humans of many exclusive cultures in lots of special locations who observed and understood independently the cost of incense and realised that incense is affecting the state humans are in spiritually, emotionally and – agree with it or not – also physically. And then human beings started to put incense to specific however in particular spiritual and recovery makes use of the border between which is, via the way, blurred. Millennia vintage archaeological findings and ancient traditions from around the sector do not best assist this assumption however are irrefutable proof that it’s miles a correct assumption.

Where is the incense stick coming from? It changed into the Chinese who for the duration of the reign of the Ming Dynasty that lasted for almost 300 years from 1348 to 1644 invented and added the incense stick this is called Joss stick in China. There is a wide range of various incense stick fragrances to be had for which motive the sticks can be categorised according to their aroma as floral sticks, sandal wood sticks, perfumed sticks, and so on and so on.

It is no coincidence that I have placed ‘worshiping’ on the top of the a.M. Summary of uses due to all of the uses incense is positioned to the use in non secular ceremonies is sincerely the maximum vital one. By the by means of, incense making was an art evolved and practised by means of priests and this brings us to the center of the topic Burma, Buddhism and incense.

Incense plays although there are cultural variations a valuable element in all religions from e.G. Christianity to Islam to Hinduism and Paganism and there is really a whole lot to write approximately. However, in this newsletter I want to confine it to Buddhism in fashionable and Buddhism in Burma in particular. I even have now not referred to Buddhism in one sentence with religions because Buddhism is through common definition not a faith. The definition of faith may be very complex and I renowned that the answer to the query ‘Buddhism religion or philosophy?’ relies upon on how faith and philosophy are defined. Depending on what your personal interpretations of religion and philosophy are Buddhism may be a religion, a philosophy or each. What makes things so hard to determine is the reality that there’s no absolute consensus among students on what’s vital for some thing to be taken into consideration a religion. However, in my view Buddhism is a ‘Way of Life Philosophy’ instead of a religion. I may also make this a subject of some other article someday within the future but for now I leave it at that.

For all the differences inside the element maximum religions are pretty an awful lot alike, which is going additionally for Buddhism. The initial reasons are the same, the ultimate goals are the equal and it is only the method to attain the final purpose that vary. The unique important forms of Buddhism are Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Theravada Buddhism, which is the oldest current shape of Buddhism commenced its triumphal march into gift days Burma – considering that 1989 additionally known as Myanmar – after having been delivered to the primary civilisations on this place specifically, the Mon and the Pyu kingdoms by way of missionaries from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) long before the primary appearance of the Burmans also known as Bamar who have been animists.

From the Mon Kingdom ‘Suvannabhumi’ the ‘Golden Land’ Theravada Buddhism additionally spread to neighbouring countries including Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

In 1056/57 A.D. Theravada Buddhism was introduced into the chiefly animistic Pagan (Bagan), the 1st Burmese Kingdom, through king Anawratha after his go back from the triumphant military marketing campaign against king Manuha’s Mon Kingdom Thaton. King Anawratha who ruled Pagan from 1044 to 1077 A.D. Became transformed to Theravada Buddhism by Shin Arahan, a Theravada Buddhist monk from Thaton.

After the fall apart of the dominion of Pagan incense waterfall in 1287 A.D. The tradition of Theravada Buddhism that changed into practised all through the u . S . A . And had grow to be dominant turned into persisted. Burma is in recent times with 86 % of its population being born Buddhists the 2nd at the listing of Theravada Buddhism majority nations after Thailand with 90 % of its populace being Theravadins. Burma is likewise one of the most active Buddhist countries and has the most important variety of monks and nuns relative to the entire population. At this factor I sense the want to give in addition explanation concerning the form of Theravada Buddhism that is practised in Burma as it is not the natural Theravada because it turned into practised through the Mon.

Burma’s Theravada Buddhism is a aggregate of Theravada, Nat Cult and Naga Cult, in different words, a aggregate of Theravada Buddhist doctrine, Hinduism and deep-rooted factors of the authentic spirit worshipping. In the following I will provide a totally brief clarification as to why that is so.


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