In the occasion you have a new iPhone four, you could have observed that the iPhone four uses what’s referred to as a Micro-SIM card. This card is considerably smaller than the one used within the older iPhone 3G and iPhone 2. In the occasion you need to apply an older device, you’ll need to create a SIM converter so as to get your Micro-SIM card to work in an older tool that makes use of a larger base. Here we speak the way to create your very own SIM card converter.

Step One – Tools

When growing your very own converter, you may need your Micro-SIM and your normal SIM card, an XACTO blade, a reducing mat and a pencil. You may also need the SIM elimination tool that includes the iPhone 4. If you cannot find a removal device then you could easily purchase one on line.

Step Two – Locating Cards

Remove the SIM playing cards from each telephones. With the iPhone four it’s miles positioned on the right aspect of the cellphone, at the same time as with the older iPhone fashions it’s far positioned in a tray at the pinnacle of the iPhone.

Step Three – Tracing

Lay your Micro-SIM on top of the normal one. Be positive that the reminiscence pads (gold pads) are lined up as well. Trace your Micro-SIM over your older card, however make certain that they are aligned in all instructions prior to slicing.

Step Four – The Cutting

Once you have traced the outline of your Micro-SIM, you are now equipped to reduce. Ensure that the traces are directly and the whole thing is aligned first. On your reducing mat, use your XACTO blade to cut out alongside the define you traced. Turn the cardboard over and also you ought to see quantities of the strains where you cut on the other give up. Trace those with your blade to make sure that the entire SIM is reduce well. Pop out the center of your carved element and set apart.

Step Five – Placement

Place your Micro-SIM inside the hole that you carved out and make certain that it fits snuggly. If you want to cut a touch more far from the vintage card in order for the Micro to match, accomplish that, but ensure that you do no longer cut it too a long way. If for some motive you do accidentally reduce too far, use a small strip of tape on the again of the SIM to hold the two portions in area. You may also need to feature the tape anyway so that whilst you visit do away with the tray, both portions come out easily.

How To Create A Micro Sim Card