How Does Wireless Internet Work – Four Ways to Establish Wireless Connection to the Internet

Have you ever thought about the question What exactly is wireless Internet function? In this article, you can learn more about four methods for wireless connections to the Internet The four methods include mobile Wireless Internet, WiFi internet services, Internet access via WiMAX solution, and Satellite Internet wireless access. To understand how wireless Internet function, let’s discover what wireless internet is. Wireless access allows you to connect with the Internet without the need for cables. When you connect your device to an the internet provider it’s the Wi-Fi Site survey. There are four major ways for using this type of connection:

1.) Internet via mobile wireless

Mobile network operators can offer the possibility of voice calls at the same time you can make use of their wireless internet mobile service. New mobile phones come with the possibility of connecting directly to Internet. They also allow users to make use of WiFi access. If you’re in the vicinity of your wireless router at home and a WiFi hotspot, the best option solution is to make use of WiFi. WiFi technology. In other situations, you can join the Internet via a mobile wireless internet connectivity. There are Cellular wireless cards that typically have USB and PCMCIA ports, which connect to the correct port on your computer. Because of them, you are able to browse the internet and also check your emails. GSM and CDMA provides you with speeds of 9.6 kbps. GPRS provide a transfer rate of 114 kbps and EDGE can reach 384 kbps. UMTS offer speeds of up to 2Mbps. HSDPA maximum speed is 42Mbps. To answer the question what is the wireless Internet function, we have to discuss other ways that permit us to access the internet without cables.

2) WiFi internet service

To access WiFi internet to work, you have to connect to Wi-Fi networks. The main issue with WiFi is that it doesn’t have the same range as mobile operators have. Wireless fidelity or WiFi refers to wireless networks which use an IEEE 802.11 WLAN standards – 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. These standards define wireless signal used to make a connecting of the wireless access point, or wireless router , and WiFi cards. The WiFi protocol is known as WLAN, (or wireless local area network , also known as Wireless LAN. This technology is thing that pops into my thoughts when someone wants to know how wireless Internet function. The quality, speed and features place WiFi as the best of the list of ways to get internet without cables.

3.) Internet connection through WiMAX solution

WiMAX forum has created IEEE 802.16 standard, which is also known as Wireless MAN. WiMAX technology , also known as Wireless MAN provides a capacity of 70 Mbps, with a the maximum range of 112 km (or 70 miles). The Wireless MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) provides a wider distance over WiFi (WiFi). The WiMAX service has two kinds of subscribers: Indoor units and outdoor units. Indoor units have a smaller capacity than those for outdoor. Outdoor units require a skilled installation, and they are bigger, but they offer a wider coverage. WiMAX technology is larger than WiFi and that is why WiFi is much more popular than WiMAX.

4.) Wireless satellite internet access

With this technology , we can be able to cover the most popular internet connections with no wires, and by now , you have the feel of diverse technologies and are aware of how wireless Internet function. Satellite is the ideal solution for srural and remote regions and is the only method to get a broadband internet. Alongside the high cost the huge delay due to the huge distance the signal requires to travel is one of the main drawbacks of this option.