Promoting your business at a promotional event takes a lot of planning. Getting your brand message out to visitors and potential customers is an important task. There are lots of ways you can advertise your brand with personalized products: backdrops, banners, display stands, tents, table covers, flags, umbrellas, and more. One of the cheapest ways to advertise your brand or products is with personalized custom logo tablecloth. There are a variety of tablecloth styles; in this post, we will be discussing how to choose the perfect stretch table cover. 

Why stretch table covers? 

Customized stretch table covers are the perfect solution, as they are easy to set up and care for, and they never need ironing, unlike traditional table throws and fitted table covers, which get wrinkled when stored and need to be ironed for a wrinkle-free, professional-looking tablecloth. 

Stretch tablecloth size & options?
Measure your table’s width, length, and height before ordering a custom stretch table covers. In the event that you order the wrong size tablecloth, it will not fit your table. The most common table sizes are 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet, all of which are 30 inches wide and 30 inches tall. If your table is an unusual size, ask the seller if he can make a custom stretch tablecloth for it.

Furthermore, there are several stretch tablecloth options available: 3-sided open back, 4-sided closed back, and 4-sided closed back with zipper. The most preferred 3-sided option will have a floor-length drop on the front and two sides with an open back, whereas the 4-sided stretch tablecloth will have a floor-length drop on all the table sides (front, back, and both sides). Purchasing the 3-sided or 4-sided stretch table cover with a zipper in the back is recommended so you can easily access stored boxes and products.

When purchasing a stretch table cover, ask the seller the following questions:

What is the thickness of the spandex stretch fabric? 
Ask the seller, “What is the thickness of the spandex fabric? Currently, there are several thicknesses available: 165 GSM, 180 GSM, 240 GSM, and 300 GSM. 180 GSM is the most common and least expensive option; 240 GSM and 300 GSM are thicker and commercial-grade spandex fabrics. 

Is the stretch tablecloth fabric water-proof and stain-resistant?
When ordering stretch table covers, purchasing a stain-resistant stretch tablecloth is extremely useful in the event of unintentional, unexpected stains.

Can the seller match your brand color to the tablecloth color?
When you display all your promotional materials at an event, make sure they are the same color and match, so that your event display booth looks professional and appealing.

What is the cost of printing a one-color logo versus a full-color logo?
When your company logo has a lot of colors in it, you will need to double check with the seller if he can print it in full color and if he will charge you extra for it. Furthermore, can the seller convert your image file to a vector art?

Are there additional costs if you print on the stretch tablecloth sides?
Most of the sellers can print only on the tablecloth’s front and will make you pay an additional charge for printing on the sides. Printing on the entire company logo tablecloth gets you more space to convey your brand’s message.

Will the seller send you an art proof prior to printing?
Since personalized products cannot be returned. Ask the seller if he will send an art proof before printing your tablecloth. By asking for it, you know how your design will be printed on the stretch tablecloth. You can always ask for changes and make sure you get this done perfectly before printing.

What is the printing technique he will use? Will it last long without fading?
There are several types of printing: digital printing, dye sublimation, screen printing, and more. Ask the seller what technique he uses on the stretch tablecloth. In the dye sublimation printing technique, your entire design is infused into the fabric, which lasts longer when compared to digital printing and withstands many washes without fading. Dye sublimation printing looks more vivid and is better than screen printing.

When ordering custom stretch table covers with a logo, make sure to compare prices with several sellers and never regret asking for a discount coupon. Happy shopping!!!


Guide to Ordering Stretch Table Covers