Are you unable to hold an erection earlier than your partner and you would prefer? Beware! Likely you suffer from premature ejaculation. Sex, therefore, cannot be fulfilling for you and your partner. Though this is not treated corporally, couples also feel humiliated and disappointed.

Taking carrots, asparagus & food rich in vitamin C & A in your regular diet can also help curb premature ejaculation. Here we are giving the actual list of food items that have also allowed cure the early climax issues. These particular premature ejaculation food items maintain the blood flow & hormonal level, which will help you to control excitement & proper ejaculation.

Have asparagus in your diet:

Food for premature ejaculation, especially this asparagus, is jam-packed with high vitamin A, essential for testosterone management. Vitamin C also is abundant in this asparagus and can allegedly enhance the sperm count & raise blood pressure. It would help if you also boiled the root of plants in milk & then drink this. Doing this will help you in a better way to regulate the muscles of your penis. Getting a proper Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Delhi is not a difficult job.

Load up on the carrots

Carrots are also filled with antioxidants & beta-carotene, which can enhance the blood flow to the actual genitals at the time of intercourse. Thus, while consuming boiled carrots with egg and honey, you could also curb this premature ejaculation. Do not forget to provide this particular remedy with a try!

While adding oatmeal to your diet, you can enhance the specific testosterone levels in the particular bloodstream. NO other premature ejaculation food is better than this oatmeal at the claiming the muscles of your penis strengthening you &energizing you. These foods are essential to cure premature ejaculation

You can opt for watermelon

The phytonutrient, normally called citrulline, is also borne by the watermelon that can help improve your libido. You can also eat the slices of this watermelon or add this food to your salad, and also notice the positive effects.

You can also combine honey and ginger

We usually consider honey & ginger to be more aphrodisiacs, and they can enhance this libido and enhance while they are mixed. You can also grate the ginger & apply this to something more homely. Have this particular mixture; then, you will also notice the actual difference.


In nature, the green onion seeds are also aphrodisiac & can help in decreasing this problem. Mix the crushed green onion seeds & drink this magical solution.

Foods to cure premature ejaculation