Hyperbaric therapy has proved to be a great revelation to the doctors who were looking for non-invasive method of treatment, as well as to the patients who were not interested anymore to take their daily doses of pills and in some cases, have stopped responding to traditional methods of treatment. Hyperbaric treatment facilitates the intake of 100% pure oxygen in an elevated atmospheric pressure in a specially crafted chamber called Hyperbaric Chamber. This therapy is done under strict surveillance of professional therapist at the doctor’s chamber.

The application of this therapy buying a hyperbaric chamber dates back to the 16th century, although its wide range clinical application began since the mid 1800s. During and after World War I, this form of therapy was used to treat the decompression sickness of the scuba divers. In decompression sickness, inert nitrogen bubbles are formed in the diver’s blood and tissues when they emerge too fast from water. This can prove to be a lethal health condition if not immediately treated, as it causes tremendous pain in muscles. Subsequently, various experiments and medical trials revealed that exposure to this particular therapy can bring a plethora of health benefits. Various medical research have shown that this therapy holds the power to ameliorate the conditions of incurable ailments like cerebral palsy and autism.

The procedure of Hyperbaric therapy consists of serving pure, unadulterated oxygen at a pressure higher than normal atmosphere in Hyperbaric chamber. What this therapy actually does is that it provides a number of health benefits by directly dissolving oxygen into plasma, brain and cerebrospinal fluid which shows positive effect on central nervous system. Study has revealed multiple health benefits that can be reaped from this therapy:

1. It also has the ability to control the swelling of tissues,
2. It repairs damaged and injured cells.
3. It helps to do away with the barrier that hinders blood flow into the brain.
4. It also has been detected with the ability to enhance white blood cells’ power to counteract infection,


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