5 Korean Translation Companies

There are many benefits of hiring a Korean translation company. Aside from the quality of the translation, they also offer volume discounts, which can save you 5 to 10 percent if the files are larger. You can also ask a Korean translation company to explain their internal review system and proofreader’s role, since these services have higher administrative costs. In addition, a reputable Korean translation company will provide you with a free quote after evaluating your needs and budget.


Based in New York, TransPerfect is one of the world’s largest language solutions providers. With offices in over 30 countries and over 3,500 full-time employees, the company has the resources to translate and interpret any content. With over 400,000 projects completed annually, the company has become a valuable resource for many global organizations. Here are some of the services offered by TransPerfect. In addition to translations and interpreting, the company also provides Korean interpretation and voice-over services.

In 2015, TransPerfect reached the half-billion dollar mark. Elting and Shawe were unsuccessful in their bids to take over the company, so a judge stepped in and empowered the administrator to sell TransPerfect. If the company is sold, it may jeopardize the careers of over 4,500 people. Thankfully, there are other options for Korean translation services. But there are some things to consider before you make the final decision.


If you’re looking for a Korean translation company that can deliver high-quality, accurate content, Gengo may be the right choice for you. They have multiple levels of quality, built to handle various types of content. Standard Level, for example, is suitable for everyday content. It’s fast and pays attention to tone and meaning. A native speaker handles the translation process. Pro Level, on the other hand, is more precise and requires a professional translator with a strong degree of knowledge in the subject language.

Gengo offers a range of Korea translation services, including: just-in-time delivery, full overview of content, style guide and glossary creation, mobile application translation, game translation, and more. Their team is composed of highly experienced Korean translators with varying specializations and a background in the field. With a global reach, Gengo is ideal for companies looking to expand their business globally. These features will help them to attract more customers and grow their business.

LA Translation

Stepes is a leading Korean language agency. Their team of native translators have decades of experience in various fields. Whether you need a technical document translated or a marketing brochure translated, Stepes is the perfect choice. They can handle everything from legal documents to medical devices and more. The translations they produce are specialized and provide proof of authenticity. They can also help you translate medical documents, business contracts and more.

As Los Angeles is a global city, many international delegates and businessmen visit the area for work. However, not all of them speak Korean. This can create a problem when interacting with a foreign client. If you want to communicate effectively, it’s important to make sure the content is written and understood correctly. This means finding a translation company that understands the Korean language and can translate your content accurately.


Whether you are in the business of marketing or looking to expand your business overseas, Tomedes is the perfect partner. With a wealth of experience working with pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, and healthcare services, they will be able to help you with all of your translation needs. With a staff of highly qualified and experienced translators, you can be sure that your documents will be professionally translated and delivered to your intended audience in a timely manner.

Whether you need a manual for an electronic device or an informative manual to help you sell your products in South Korea, Tomedes can provide the right solution. korea translation company requires a great deal of concentration. User manuals are crucial for any product, and incorrect information could result in safety concerns, damage your reputation, or even lead to legal action.

A professional team of Korean translators can help you make the most of every opportunity.

JR Language

JR Language is a multilingual translation agency in Korea. It specializes in legal and technical translations as well as marketing materials. The company has translation specialists in more than 100 languages. The translation services it provides are not limited to legal documents; you can also hire them for phone interpretation and conference interpretation. This company has received numerous customer reviews, but the number of them is limited. You may want to consider looking for a different translation company for large projects.

JR Language is one of the leading Korean translation companies. It employs over 100 native and advanced level Korean language experts across various fields. It has a few drawbacks, including slow turnaround and limited subject knowledge. JR Language uses machine translation and offers standard rates. However, you should check for the quality of their translations before choosing a service. However, if you have a large document, you might want to consider a company with an internal review system and proofreader.